Bristol Choral Society: Symphony of Psalms

Bristol Choral Society

Bristol Choral Society
Bristol Ensemble

Hilary Campbell – conductor

Steven Kings – piano
Marija Struckova – piano
Vanessa Bowers – soprano
Jamie W Hall – baritone

Stravinsky Symphony of Psalms
Fauré Requiem

Not for Fauré the Requiem ‘shock and awe’ of a Mozart, Berlioz or Verdi. Refined over a decade, his Mass for the Dead sustains an abiding solace discharged in the luminescent hope and reassurance of the concluding In Paradisium.

First though there’s profound spirituality of a different order as glittering woodwind, brass, two pianos and harp queue up to reflect the laser-sharp light of Stravinsky’s triptych ‘symphonising the singing of Psalms’.

It’s prefaced by more Stravinsky, his time in black and white: his wartime Sonata for two pianos, a work shot through with crystalline neoclassicism.

Tickets from £11 to £28, under 25s £5. Seniors 10% discount. Available online from Bristol Beacon box office