Haydn ‘London’ Trio for Flute, Violin and Cello
Serenade for Flute, Violin and Viola
Donald Sparr Fantasia for Flute and Electronics: Sugarhouse
Tilmann Dehnhard Wake Up! for Piccolo & Alarm Clock

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Roger Armstrong leads the chamber ensemble in this concert which features delightful classical-era chamber music as well as a couple of entertaining solos with electronics (including digital alarm clock!).

The two solo flute pieces are a fascinating foray into a decidedly 21st century world. Donald Sparr’s Fantasia for Flute and Electronics: Sugarhouse is scored for flute with live sound processing – stereophonic digital delay, and pre-recorded door harp. As well his composition work, Sparr is an electric guitarist and his music has been described a ‘pop-Romantic’, ‘iridescent and wondrous’ and in ‘the boundary erasing spirit of today’s new music world’.

The other solo piece is for piccolo and digital alarm clock, by Tilmann Dehnhard, who is a German composer and jazz musician.

The concert will be streamed at 6pm on Sunday 25 April and ticket holders can return to the same link to rewatch after that date.

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