Tea-Time Concert

Bristol Ensemble

Schubert Piano Trio in E flat Op.100
Haydn Piano Trio No.39 ‘Gypsy Rondo’

Roger Huckle violin
Alison Gillies cello
Yoshiko Endo piano

The Bristol Ensemble’s musicians perform Schubert’s E flat piano trio, a work full of shifting moods and unexpected twists and turns. Its slow second movement features one of the composer’s most haunting melodies, contrasted with a dance-like Scherzo and a brighter finale. In this tea-time concert, Schubert’s work is paired with Haydn’s ‘Gypsy rondo’ trio, which gets its name from its spirited Hungarian-style final movement. It features the lively melodies of verbunkos (recruiting) dances which were used by Romany bands of the 18th century Austrian hussars. The violin part of the trio includes virtuosic ‘gypsy’ effects such as left hand pizzicato.

Tickets £10 on the door