Maldon Festival


Haydn Symphony No.73 in D major ‘La chasse’
Haydn Symphony No.83 in G minor, ‘La Poule’
Leopold Mozart The Toy Symphony
Vaughan Williams The Lark Ascending

The Bristol Ensemble returns to the Maldon Festival in Essex to perform a programme of musical from the golden ‘classical’ era with an animal theme. Haydn’s Symphony No.73 features hunting calls in the final movement, and was written as a gift for his patron Prince Nikolaus of Esterházy on his return from Paris in 1781.

Symphony No.83, ‘The Hen’, is the second of a set of six symphonies commissioned by a Parisian orchestra. Its nickname comes from the one of the themes in the first movement, reminiscent of the jerky back-and forth head motion of a walking hen.

The programme is completed by Vaughan Williams’ famous and well-loved work for violin soloist and orchestra, The Lark Ascending, and Leopold Mozart’s amusing ‘Toy’ Symphony which features parts for musical toys.